• Implemented support for Octoprint host software.


  • Added native HBot support to edge. Set "arm_solution" to "hbot" in your config to enable.
  • Added FirmConfigSource to edge. Now src/config.default gets compiled into the rom and read at each boot. The src/config.default file uses the same format as a normal sd config file.
  • Added delta_segments_per_second to edge. This provides a segmentation based on the current feedrate and speed override, where the number of segments is inversely proportional to feedrate.
  • The config file on the sd card can now be named either config or config.txt


  • reset and dfu commands added to SimpleShell
  • Added support for onboot.gcode to run automatically at power up by setting on_boot_gcode_enable to true in config. The name of the file to be run can also be changed by setting on_boot_gcode.
  • Added button, which in a sense is the other half of the Switch module. This module will trigger custom m-codes when a pin is toggled. The combination of Button and Switch modules allows for 'programming' of basic behaviors with only simple config changes. An example would be a physical button that turns a fan, heater, or other tool on and off.
  • Added break command to enter debug mode from command line
  • Added rotatable_cartesian arm solution which allows the print bed to be rotated arbitrarily. Setting this arm solution to 45deg is one way of making an h-bot print straight, but it wouldn't have working endstops.
  • Added per axis homing direction config option
  • Added initial Rostock support!
  • Now to enable the second usb serial port set second_usb_serial_enable to true in config
  • Added progress, abort, and help commands to SimpleShell

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