M24: Start/Resume SD Print

Issuing an M24 causes the file selected with the M23 command to be printed. If the print was previously paused with M25, printing is resumed from that point. To restart a file from the beginning, use M23 to reset it, then M24.
When this command is used to resume a print that was paused, Smoothieware runs macro file resume.g prior to resuming the print.


Refers to running a job on any Smoothie attached device such as 3D printer, Laser engraver/cutter, CNC router etc.


The command is used as such : 


Which means: Print the file that was previously selected by the M23 command.


Parameter Usage Example

The M24 command requires no parameters

If your SDcards contents was:

And; you previously executed M23 myGcode.gco

This means if you command : 


The file myGcode.gco would be printed


The M24 command requires no special configuration settings

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