jogger.enable true If true, enable the Jogger module
jogger.data_source_alpha horizontal Specifies the module name of the Joystick module the alpha/first jog axis will use
jogger.data_source_beta vertical Specifies the module name of the Joystick module the beta/second jog axis will use
jogger.m_code_set 777 Sets which M-code number the set axes command will use (777 means use M777 to set the jog axes)
jogger.m_code_toggle 778 Sets which M-code number the toggle axes (778 means use M778 to toggle the jog axes)
jogger.max_speed 600 Sets the maximum speed the machine will jog. If not given, the Jogger uses the general configuration "default_seek_rate" (G0 speed)
jogger.dead_zone 0.05 Sets the threshold the joystick must cross before movement occurs (see description below)
jogger.nonlinearity 1.5 Sets the non-linearity of the joystick to speed conversion function (see description below)
jogger.refresh_rate 100 Specifies how many times per second to read the joystick
jogger.segment_frequency 100 Sets the number of tiny movement segments per second while jogging

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