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Just noticed that it changed the # on the top of the code section to numbers when I copied it, 1. and 1.,2., and 3.
These are actually # in my config file.

I have a smoothieboard 5x and I installed a reprap discount GLCD, and the encoder is not working on it.
The button on the encoder works but not the encoder itself, when you turn it nothing happens.
I was wondering what I can do to troubleshoot this?
I have the 5v regulator on the LCD adaptor board.
The board is powered by a both a 12v power supply and a 5v power supply as described in the setup.

Here is the section of code pertaining to the LCD panel.


I am using 2HSS57 stepper motor drivers with 57j1880ec-1000 servo-stepper motors for a H-Bot 3D printer. Those are working in pair and steps per motor revolution is set up directly on driver.
My printer does 40 mm per motor revolution => 0.025 revolution per millimeter. The problem is when I set up for example 10000 steps per revolution on motor driver and write 250 steps per millimeter in configuration file, it is not working. Axes are not reaching needed positions and stops too early. Printer won't even home due to "give up when reached certain traveling distance" setting. However, when I set up 3200 steps per revolution and don change anything in configuration file, it is working well.
Could you please help me find the problem?

hello, i have the same identical problem and i can not get out of it.
did you solve it? would you help me with some info?

thanks bye

Re: Zprobe issue by Ciui69Ciui69, 16 Oct 2017 15:44

hello guys,

im building a corexy printer and using the azteeg x5 mini v3 as the controllerboard and 42BYGHM809 0,9 degree motors.
and i would like to be the tmc2100 to be the stepper driver but i can't get them to work properly. When the motors are not moving they twitch. you cant see them moving but you can feel it making tiny movements. Also when i try to move after a few movements they stop and the printer tells me to reset. I think this might be because the rev voltage on the stepper driver is wrong and they overheat.

On the github of the tmc2100 is has a note at the faq about settings the voltage on the stepper

so the rms current of the motor is 1.7A so i have to put ref v on the stepper driver to 1.7 right?

I also left the cfg2 pin out on the stepper driver and put a jumper on m3 on the board to put it to 1/16th steps and under here is my configfile

Azteeg x5 mini with tmc2100 by EngraulisEngraulis, 16 Oct 2017 15:21

I think I sorted out the issue.!!!

If i home all axis

Do not leave Z at Max where end stop it on home

The Jog or tell Z axis to goto say z 10

then deploy probe and do bed level.

then all the probe points require around 10mm movement of Z axis.

Still confused why in config there you set 10mm, as that seems to do nothing.


Well my printer is working well and getting reliable prints. The only issue that I am having is reaching extruder temperature.

When I set temperature in Pronterface (by entering value and clicking button) the temperature hits the right temperature.

If I use my Astrobox and either manually use the m104 or m109 command the temperature never hits the target temperature. It gets within 1C at best.
I have double checked my thermistor settings in config (Semitec) as I am using an E3D.
I have also done PID tune and entered values into the config.

Something wierd is happening here as pronterface has no issues getting to temp. I dont have an LCD display on my unit so cant check there

Temperature Issues by DriekusDriekus, 14 Oct 2017 17:55

Thanks for the reply arthurwolf :-) I will look into the 6axis page.

I got it from Filafarm i send an email a week ago but got nothing back from them.

I have swing extruders and need to activate servo to different angles going to T1 and to T0. So, I need to execute different command sequences with T1 and T0 commands. Most slicers do not have forking (or "if" capability. You only can write single script for switching tools.
I wrote a simple switch in config file. According to Documentation :
"This allows you to do one of the following :
Make a G-code control a GPIO pin
Make a GPIO pin cause a G-code to be executed
Make a GPIO pin control another GPIO pin
Make a G-code cause another G-code to be executed
it should be possible, but the following script does not work. Any Suggestions?

#extruder switch module
switch.extruder_sw.enable true #enable this module
switch.extruder_sw.input_on_command T1 # command that will turn to Hotend 1
switch.extruder_sw.input_off_command T0 # turn to hotend 0
switch.extruder_sw.output_on_command G91 G0Z1 M282 S2.8 G4 S1 G0 X0Y0F3000 G0Z-1F400 M283 G4S1 M90 #command sequence to T1
switch.extruder_sw.output_off_command G91 G0Z1 M282 S11.6 G4 S1 G0 X0Y0F3000 G0Z-1F400 M283 G4S1 M90 #command sequence to T0


Re: Can't Post by Lukas LozoLukas Lozo, 12 Oct 2017 11:33

Not to revive this thread again but I've been searching the internet for help on this same issue. I'm upgrading my printer to a smoothieboard with a E3D cyclops hot end. I'm wondering if you can share the same tool change script with me. Im interested on how to set up the extruders to retract and then reprime the nozzle for each colour change… would really appreciate the help

Yaxis shift
Colin76Colin76 10 Oct 2017 01:24
in discussion Smoothie Firmware / General » Yaxis shift

Hello, I have built a custom 3D printer with the 'smoothieboard V1.0a' and have upgraded with build version Edge-861f44a and using the latest configuration file. My problem is with my Y axis such that when I print a cube the y axis has a 45deg angle. I have toothed belts on taperlock pulleys which I have marked and am not getting any slip. I have created a gcode file which moves the all the axis' back and forth for 46 times from a specific start 'test' position and delays for 30sec which gives me time to verify the position of the drive pulley(I have placed a line across my pulley and my frame). When the program has completed it stops at the same 'test' position and I can see the misalignment as the lines do not line up. If I delete the X or the Z axis from the gcode program the lines will align repeatably at the 'test' position. This proves that the mechanics are ok. The error only occurs when both x and z are being used as well as the Y if I remove the motion of only the x or the z then there is no misalignment.
I've done many tests and am pretty sure that I have traced the problem back to the smoothieboard, which was tested by running the same gcode file that has all the axis moving. The test that I did was that after the program gets to the 'test' position I remove the connectors from the board for the x and z axis. I then let the program complete and when finished the lines will not align.
This test proves that the problem is not caused by noise, wiring or drivers otherwise there would be no misalignment and states that the problem is being caused inside the 'smoothieboard'.

One thing I may be doing differently to most is that I am connecting to the enable, step, direction and 0Vdc signals upstream of the onboard stepper drivers using soldered headers as the on board drivers are too small for my 3.2A motors so I am using Gecko Drives.

Has anyone had this problem before, or have any suggestions?


Here is my config file

This is my Gcode test file with all axis motion

Yaxis shift by Colin76Colin76, 10 Oct 2017 01:24

I've posted this there. Thanks.
I found that the carbon rods I got from HaoZhong Carbon Fiber on eBay are not straight. That was listed on the hypercube github as a place a lot of builders have gotten their carbon fiber tubes. But none of the 4 tubes I got were straight. Hopefully I can get this working, since I have no idea where to get 560mm 10mm OD tubes otherwise.

Also the website in the last few days has started pegging my i7 6820HK and slowing my machine to a crawl any page I'm on, so it's bee difficult to use the site. Does it in any browser I try.

Those values are commented out. Smoothie ignores commented values.

That's a weird one, mind asking in the smoothieware-support google group instead ?

I just built a Hypercube Evolution, with an azteeg x5 GT, and I've got it working and printing, but either my 420x420 cast aluminum tooling plate isn't flat, or my carbon fiber rods aren't straight, so I'm trying to compensate with auto leveling using a BLTouch like I have on my custom prusa i3 with marlin.

The problem is that the leveling doesn't actually take effect. The z rods never turn, and the edges are printed higher off the plate.
I've run through a 7x7 auto level sequence, then saved the results to the cartesian.grid file on the SD card. I have it set to load from save in the config file, and I can run M375 after a reboot, and it loads, but never compensates. It doesn't compensate even if I run an auto level sequence from the gcode of my print each time. Could it have anything to do with being a corexy?

Here is what I get on console

<ran autolevel>

> M374
grid saved to /sd/cartesian.grid
> M500
Settings Stored to /sd/config-override


grid loaded, grid: (397.000000, 397.000000), size: 7 x 7

My config file

A good resource for calculating this is the reprap calculator. I can't post links, as I'm new here, but it's the first result if you google "reprap calculator"
It's a valuable tool

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think that's it.
The lines that trip it up when un-commented are the shorter ones for P,I, and D.

#temperature_control.hotend.p_factor          39.8             #
#temperature_control.hotend.i_factor          2.908            #
#temperature_control.hotend.d_factor          136               #

Same for the lines for custom menu options. I tried copying ones that worked, and just shortening the name, and it still stops the board from booting.

Documentation on config Line Length:
Make sure all your lines are shorter than 132 characters. Lines longer than this can cause issues.
Don't know if this is the solution, but it is something I noticed in both the blocks you posted..

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