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Hi, I have three thermistors for my 3D printer (dual extruder and bed) all are this thermistor type NTC 3950 THERMISTOR 100K.
As shown in this link: http: //smoothieware .org/steinharthart
to get Steinhart Hart coefficients, we send the command: calc_thermistor 25,100000.0,150,1655.0,240,269.0
Then we paste the new values in the M305 S0 command, then save with M500.
1- How to do the same thing for a second hotend, and for a bed?
2- Do I disable these lines to use the new Steinhart Hart coefficients? like this?

Currently my setup is like this for the three heaters (PID is done and saved as well):
temperature_control.hotend.thermistor Honeywell100K # See http ://smoothieware. org/temperaturecontrol#toc5
#temperature_control.hotend.beta 3950 # Or set the beta value

Also do I do PID tuning after setting up Steinhart Hart coefficients?
Thank you.

Here's an update. I flashed config file and everything went back to normal.

I just set my hot end to 230 degrees C and my heatbed to 110 degres C. The hotend was at 230 and the bed was at 92. I left the room for ten minutes and returned and both had turned off and had cooled to about 50 degrees C. Now when I turn them on, they show the target temperature and then immediately change to zero. Haev both mosfets failed at the same time?

Thanks for the reply arthurwolf, much appreciated.

I had this same issue literally yesterday, and the solution is simple yet not obvious. You need to add a 1K ohm resistor from the signal pin to ground (do this for both X and Y axes to ensure that the logic levels are reached). This immediately solved my problem. I also recommend using your console to send an M119 to verify the results (before and after). Hope this helps.

Smoothieboard v1.1 (from Openbuilds)
I have already flashed fresh firmware and used fresh config files multiple times.

My plan is to attach a DC/DC 24V to 12V converter to power some fans and I'd like to be able to turn them on/off. When I hooked it up to large mosfet Q5 (p1.23), I checked the converter's output voltage and it was 24V. When I sent the fan_on command, output voltage was 12V. Turned off, it would go back to 24V again..
Apparently I blew the mosfet completely because now I am getting 0V no matter what.
Q4 and Q5 both did the same thing. I wired separate 24V in for the small mosfets (Q8 and Q9) and had the same result here.
I hadn't soldered an extra diode on since v1.1 comes with surface mounted diodes pre-soldered.
So, when I replace the mosfet, should I add another diode, or can I not use the converter through a mosfet at all? Did I receive a faulty board to start with? Not that it matters now that I can't return it, I'm just curious…

Blown Mosfets by blterry1blterry1, 18 Apr 2018 18:29

Firmware is still compatible with the beta boards, and 99% of the documentation applies to them, so don't worry just go ahead.

It sets the temperature for the currently active tool, so just select the tool you need to set temp for and set the temp for it … no ?

Probe offsets are for XY, they do nothing for Z. To set probing height, see the whole section at the bottom of the zprobe page that is all about that.

Re: BLTouch Z Offset by arthurwolfarthurwolf, 18 Apr 2018 10:16

Smoothie supports up to 6 axis. Doing 8 will require editing the code.

Thank you for your answer arthurwolf,
except for the Z axis motors which would be controlled simultaneously, the 8 other motors would be controlled independently

You can put several motors on a single driver, or several drivers on a single step/direction pins pair ( or both ). That's fully transparent to Smoothie and looks like just driving one driver in the end. What really matters is how many motors you want *independent control* of. What's that number ?

Thank you for your quick and accurate answer Mike_8888

I have G32 in my start script, but smoothieware seems to ignore the Z offset that I previously set, so I had to add the Z probe offset in my start script.
Also it seems to ignore the "Z Home Ofs" setting from the display configurations

So I do G32 first, and then G30 to set the offset
G32 X10 Y10 A370 B330
G30 Z1.40

I could not see where to set this in the configuration file?
Is there another way other than setting the offset in the start script?

BLTouch Z Offset by Mike_8888Mike_8888, 18 Apr 2018 00:22

I also use 4 motors for the Z axis, and I am using a CNC stepper driver, something like TB6600 for example

I connected all motors to that driver. I connected 2 motors in series, the other 2 also in series, and the result of the 2 sets, in parallel. So in the end it will have the same ohms as one single motor

My printer does not set the temperature if T1 is active, I have to make sure T0 is selected when I set M104, M140, M109 or M190. So I added T0 to my start and end scrips.
Is there a setting in the configuration file to make it set temperature regardless of what tool is selected?


I have a SmoothieBoard that I received when they did the Kickstarter. It is a brown board with no Smoothie logo. Not
sure what version it is other than it looks like the picture of the Beta board but no logo.
I had it put away in a safe place (I lost it) and now thinking of building a laser engraver or 3D printer.
Is this board still compatible with the current Smoothieware firmware? If so is should I upgrade to it?
Thanks for any suggestions/answers.

SmoothieBaord Beta version by CNCfan48CNCfan48, 17 Apr 2018 23:46

Good morning, everyone

I wanted to know if it is possible to use 12 stepper motors on a smoothieBoard V2?
I know it's a lot, but I would like to drive my Z axis with 4 motors knowing that the machine I intend to build will be big.
If that is possible, could you tell me how?
Thank you in advance


I'm setting up a new i3 derived printer (24V) using a smoothie 5x 1.0b, and got an irritating small problem.

I prefer to use optical endstops (V19 1028 TCST 2103 ) rather than switches, because I find them much more repeatable, which is especially important on Z.
I could wire them correctly on X and Z but could not make it work on Y.

On Y, what happens is that the endstop switch correctly from 0 to 1 when homing, but never get back to 0 when leaving the end position.
Any idea what this happens ? I checked cabling and continuity, used 2 different detectors, used both YMIN et YMAX pins. The only difference is that the Y cable is perhaps 200mm longer.

It is not a big deal because I could use a standard switch and that works, but I would like to understand.

the relevant part of the config (note that I home to Ymax) :

Problems with optical endstops by aljalj, 16 Apr 2018 10:54

Thank you very much! Am I right in thinking that for single extruder delta I need only 4XC?

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