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in the new firmware there are additional functions such as bed levelling and so the icons werent available. I made my own in the same style as above but and having issues with the Motors off and Change Filament using the same icons, cannot get them to use their own icons. Ill email the supplier to ask if its a bug or if im doing something wrong.

On my smoothieboard I changed the baud rate to 250000 and it worked after that.

Hi there,

This layout is awesome and I have loaded it to my touchscreen but I have an issue that the move and home icons are both the house and in the settings page the choose file, motors off and change filament all use the motors off icon. Is there a simple solution to this fault? Probably user error on my part but I cant figure out why its happening.



Yes it should be in Hz

Re: PWM frequency by arthurwolfarthurwolf, 18 Jun 2017 21:29

RAMPS is the most used board in the Reprap world ( Smoothie is second btw ), and it has those connectors.

Chinese controllers for laser cutters and CNC mills most of the time have those connectors everywhere too.

They are cheap, reliable, and extremely common. I'm not sure where you are coming from if you aren't familiar with them, they are pretty much the most commonplace connector I can think of in the CNC world.

About price, the boards are actually sold at a heavy discount to encourage growing their popularity. A RAMPS board ( of non-"will burn your house down" quality ) is much much less powerful, and is about the same price as a Smoothieboard. This is what it costs to produce good quality boards and develop both the hardware, the firmware, write the documentation and provide support : we definitely don't make much profit ( despite massive efforts to reduce production cost ), and most of that profit then goes into supporting the community.

Got it!

The config override for some reason has an M92 Exxx in there. Not sure how it got there but it works now.

In the meantime I also switched the steps in the config between the extruder modules with the results that the extruder works well now but not the original one. I also tested a different motor on the 2nd extruder driver slot, that also cuts the steps in half and I checked the pins.

In summary. The motors and cables are fine, the drivers and their slots as well. Just the config module of the 2nd extruder behaves weird.

These connectors are readily available: RS Components or Element 14 for instance:

Check out the connectors BOM - it has many sources of components:

(I tried posting links, but it appears I can't just now because I am "low karma" :-( - just look for the "Connectors BOM" link at the bottom of the V1 page)

cant post links atm. but without the [] around the "." the link shoud work

I can't seem to find or load you config file.

I switched both motors on the other driver and switched the drivers as well.

The 1st extruder slot is working fine and the 2nd one cuts everything in half.

I still have to switch the extruder config around.

No actually it would cause something very similar to what you see ( or even exactly that ).

You say it switches the problem around, but which way ?

I checked continuity of all the motor wires and that checks out. I think a wire break in one of the strands would stop the motor from moving at all and make that clicking sound, which Im not hearing here.

I switched the motors around and that switchtes the problem around as well. I also replaced the driver of the 2nd extruder which also changes nothing.

This sounds like a problem with wiring and connectors, having only 3 of the 4 stepper wires going to the driver, can you try inverting motors and inverting drivers ?


while configuring dual extrusion, I noticed that my 2nd extruder was only extruding roughly half the filament it should.

I checked the config and found that the steps per mm where correct (800 on a titan with DVR driver) but just for fun I doubled them again to 1600.
Still after commanding 100mm I only get 49mm.

My config —> pastebin[.]com/Def1kxjk im using the latest edge version, with a custom config due to using re-arm

Any ideas appreciated

2nd extruder ignores steps by sungod3ksungod3k, 17 Jun 2017 10:32

Feedback - Would be nice if the next revision of the Smoothieboard used connectors that were a little more common. I noticed when I got my smoothieboard that the green connectors you are using were not at all common, I had to basically resolder in JH connectors. Also having to order a 5v voltage regulator to solder on should be something that the board come's with, these boards aren't cheap after all.

Creating a consistent withdrawal point, that makes sense, but Im hoping that the mechanism is robust enough to not need it.

On a different note: Do you know what the "retraction on extruder switch" setting in cura (in the "extrusion" tab) means?

I hope it is an easy question: frequency shown in config options

spindle.pwm_period                           1000              # default 1000, sets the PWM frequency

is in Hz? I just want to know unit used in PWM.

PWM frequency by WormRiderWormRider, 16 Jun 2017 16:08

The purge trail is a method of pushing filament through the hot end in a uniform and consistent manner, so when the withdrawal comes it is at a standard temperature. Then there is a small withdrawal and a pause for the end to cool slightly. Then the filament is withdrawn fully and a blunt end is what you will see if you stop there. I am able to print with abs, pla or petg, but petg gives me more problems than the other two. The Prometheus system works quite well, but if you want to design you own, feel free.

Yes stringing is the biggest issue but i cant imagine how exactly the purge trail would help there.
I assumed that the purge trail was only there to catch oozed material.

I also tried different retraction methods like retract- push a little back - retract more but none of that made any difference.
Its all in the material. For my first tests im used petg that doesnt string naturally. Im also working on a drying/storing solution for PLA. My dry spools dont string while the older ones do.

Im was also thinking of also getting rid of the purge tower and just building a little scraper like the bcn sigma and the purging outside the bed and moving the nozzle over the scraper to get rid of the ooze.

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