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Thanks, but I was also wondering about the general availability going forward. I may have a requirement for quite a few and don't want to commit unless long term supply prospects are reasonable. It would appear that every stockist in the UK is out of them, neither can I get a sensible answer as to when they will be in stock. Maybe the next gen is coming out soon, I am just looking for some clarity.
Many thanks


Re: Smoothieboard availability by jer100jer100, 15 Nov 2018 17:43


I am trying to connect the E3D PT100 amp board to Smoothieboard. As I read in the documentation, I need a ADC pin, a AVCC pin and a AGND pin. I successfully located the ADC pin, but could not find AVCC pin and AGND pin in the pinout diagram. Some users were suggesting that the AVCC and AGND pins are right next to the 8 thermistor pins. I found the two spare pins next to the thermistor pins, but I don't know which one is AVCC and which one is AGND. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A picture would be even better!


Hi, I am trying to figure out the same question. Do you mind pointing out the AVCC and AGND pins for me or even send a picture? I see two spare pins next to the 8 thermistor pins, but don't know which one is AVCC and which one is AGND. Thanks a lot!


Gotronic en france en a en stock

Looking to start some new projects and would like to use smoothieboard. However a lot of stockist don't have them at the moment. Is there going to be a supply issue with buying them?

Many thanks


Smoothieboard availability by jer100jer100, 11 Nov 2018 14:34

is it possible to level the bed of a printer manually? I'd like to do a simple 3 point leveling manually, but haven't found an option to do so yet. I am still not sure which Z-Probe to take and at least, I have to print the probe mount without automatic probing :D
Thanks for the help!

Hi Michiel,

did you managed to solve your problem? My first thought was check the drivers. Have you checked them?

Re: Speed problems by generalsightgeneralsight, 05 Nov 2018 02:33

I'm in the final stages of setup, but running into an issue with buttons for the panel. I have a 2004 LCD setup and working. I also have an array of 5 buttons (4 directions plus center). One side of each button is connected to ground. The other sides go to 1.23, 1.31, 3.25, & 3.26 (it seems the right button isn't needed).

I just can't get the buttons to work; the screen just stays in monitor mode when I press any button. I tried three ways, none worked:

panel.click_button_pin 1.23 #PANEL 'CLICK'/'ENTER' BUTTON
panel.click_button_pin 1.23! #PANEL 'CLICK'/'ENTER' BUTTON
panel.click_button_pin 1.23!^ #PANEL 'CLICK'/'ENTER' BUTTON

Anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong here?

Help with panel buttons needed by zk2359zk2359, 03 Nov 2018 22:26

I am currently a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Idaho and am working with a Smoothie board to interface a MIG welder to a 3D gantry system. To simplify the G-code for future users, I have successfully used a similar process to laser.h; therefore, no custom M commands are needed. The problem is when the is_g123 bool is received, I would like for the gas flow to turn on and dwell for 1 second before the steppers start moving to their target positions. Is there a way to halt the queue and resume it so these actions can take place before movement occurs?

I am sure code is correct and it's me not understanding correctly but it seems wrong that the angle to the front left tower (X) would be 330 degrees and the angle to the front right tower (Y) would be 210 degrees? Tower 3 (Z) is 90 degrees which would then logically suggest front right is 210 and front left 330. Does anyone know why tower 1 and 2 are set with these particular angles?


I developed a new arm solution the maths are ok in Excel.
The implementation in the C++ is ok (calculation and activated in the robot and config file) so everything should be correct.
But some movements seem correct and other totally crazy.
Is there a way to display the current value in the terminal ? (displaying the cartesian can be done with M114 but i can't get the actuators positions to compare)

also, i saw in the code that the init of the actuators is done for X,Y,Z = 0 but my solution is similar to SCARA and can't be at 0. How can i set it to my offsets?
IE: X10 Y-30 Z0 => Alpha 0 Beta 0 Gamma 0

Thank you

I noticed that after running a grid probe (11x13), the resulting grid has missing data. The probe ran to all the correct points and the DEBUG X, Y, Z is correct, but for some reason some of that data isn't being saved in the grid. I am using leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.human_readable = true, so this is direct copy/paste from pronterface.
At first I thought something is just wrong with the formatting of the data (e.g. y=181.6 was missing from the table) but realized there's a missing data point as well. Also, if you issue M375.1 you get a different result than what you get immediately after the G32 command.
Any one know what's going on?

Results after G32:
218.0000| 0.0075 -0.0887 -0.1500 -0.1788 -0.2950 -0.4250 -0.4725 -0.6613 -0.7863 -0.9700 -1.0912
199.8333| -0.0425 -0.1637 -0.1175 -0.2238 -0.2787 -0.3763 -0.5025 -0.5800 -0.7437 -0.8588 -1.1100
-0.0638 -0.0025 -0.2762 -0.2612 -0.3725 -0.5162 -0.6200 -0.7175 -0.9237 -1.0225
163.5000| 0.1050 0.0475 -0.0600 -0.1200 -0.2175 -0.3275 -0.4600 -0.5662 -0.7188 -0.8812 -1.0375
-0.2425 -0.3737 -0.4500 -0.6137 -0.7338 -0.8712 -1.0162
127.1667| 0.1263 0.0125 -0.0075 -0.1263 -0.2987 -0.3663 -0.5013 -0.5737 -0.7600 -0.9113 -0.9812
-0.6263 -0.7625 -0.8800 -1.0375
90.8333| 0.2300 0.1350 0.0075 -0.1088 -0.2375 -0.4125 -0.5275 -0.6962 -0.7950 -0.9425 -1.1300
54.5000| 0.1825 0.0375 -0.0325 -0.2050 -0.3012 -0.4213 -0.5875 -0.7725 -0.8888 -1.0387 -1.2013
36.3333| 0.1800 -0.0050 -0.1637 -0.3062 -0.4075 -0.5175 -0.6975 -0.8087 -1.0175 -1.0725 -1.2850
0.0763 -0.0638 -0.1388 -0.3225 -0.4388 -0.5250 -0.6613 -0.8138 -0.9887 -1.1850 -1.3425
0.0000| 0.0162 -0.1425 -0.2087 -0.3862 -0.5175 -0.6412 -0.7875 -0.9288 -1.0938 -1.2337 -1.4350
0.0000 18.0000 36.0000 54.0000 72.0000 90.0000 108.0000 126.0000 144.0000 162.0000 180.0000

Result after SENDING:M375.1
218.0000| 0.0075 -0.0887 -0.1500 -0.1788 -0.2950 -0.4250 -0.4725 -0.6613 -0.7863 -0.9700 -1.0912
199.8333| -0.0425 -0.1637 -0.1175 -0.2238 -0.2787 -0.3763 -0.5025 -0.5800 -0.7437 -0.8588 -1.1100
-0.0025 -0.2762 -0.2612 -0.3725 -0.5162 -0.6200 -0.7175 -0.9237 -1.0225
163.5000| 0.1050 0.0475 -0.0600 -0.1200 -0.2175 -0.3275 -0.4600 -0.5662 -0.7188 -0.8812 -1.0375
145.3333| 0.1888 0.1013 -0.0375 -0.1537 -0.2425 -0.3737 -0.4500 -0.6137 -0.7338 -0.8712 -1.0162
127.1667| 0.1263 0.0125 -0.0075 -0.1263 -0.2987 -0.3663 -0.5013 -0.5737 -0.7600 -0.9113 -0.9812
-0.7625 -0.8800 -1.0375
90.8333| 0.2300 0.1350 0.0075 -0.1088 -0.2375 -0.4125 -0.5275 -0.6962 -0.7950 -0.9425 -1.1300
54.5000| 0.1825 0.0375 -0.0325 -0.2050 -0.3012 -0.4213 -0.5875 -0.7725 -0.8888 -1.0387 -1.2013
36.3333| 0.1800 -0.0050 -0.1637 -0.3062 -0.4075 -0.5175 -0.6975 -0.8087 -1.0175 -1.0725 -1.2850
-0.0638 -0.1388 -0.3225 -0.4388 -0.5250 -0.6613 -0.8138 -0.9887 -1.1850 -1.3425
0.0000| 0.0162 -0.1425 -0.2087 -0.3862 -0.5175 -0.6412 -0.7875 -0.9288 -1.0938 -1.2337 -1.4350
0.0000 18.0000 36.0000 54.0000 72.0000 90.0000 108.0000 126.0000 144.0000 162.0000 180.0000

I checked and found I never added the code below. This seemed to have done it! Thanks team!

leveling-strategy.rectangular-grid.only_by_two_corners false # G29/31/32 will not work without providing XYAB parameters: XY - start point, AB rectangle size from starting point.

Hello! I am struggling as well. I am expecting my machine to run like you see here in this video (z axis tweaking as the xy changes). I have never seen this and am trying everything here…

youtube - BLTouch on Smoothieware Azteeg mini x5 Bed Level P3Steel i3 build

I cannot post links…


My config is here - pastebin[.]com/QVsJkD0A
And small video, how it looks

(just cut the bracets)

Re: Steppers jumping by inkorcoderinkorcoder, 25 Oct 2018 18:48

Hi guys! I'm working on my 3D printer, which is based on H-Bot. It still in progress, but on this stage I can move extruder around X and Y axes. When I do that, my opposite axis starts to "jump" and it's very bad. I don't know actually, if it's a problem (may be on real printing it will be ok), but for now I think it's not good.

I'm using:
- latest config
- NEMA17 (17HS4401S)
- 1.5A current
- native MKS's motor drivers

Acutally, I tried everything, some thing makes movements better, but I still can see this artifacts. I don't know why it exists and how can I fix it.I hope guys, you can help me)

And small video, how it looks

Any question from your side, feel free to ask averything.

I can't paste a links (((

Steppers jumping by inkorcoderinkorcoder, 25 Oct 2018 18:47


Is there any development happening to implement closed loop position control in smoothieware?

In an old topic in this forum titled "Closed-loop for Steppers ?", There was a mention about using separate motor drivers capable of closed loop control. Is there any motor drivers like that available??

Is it possible to implement this motor "IQ Motor Module" with smoothie ware?
According to makers "is an integrated motor and controller with an embedded position sensor"


Hi all,

I am currently developing a platform with up to 10 stepper motors and additional functions, such as fans, LEDs, heater, etc; hence I am looking for a board to operate the system. Since one Smoothieboard is limited to a specific number of stepper motors, I was just wondering if you could utilise two (or more) Smoothieboards to operate the system. Does anyone has experience with the connection and usage of two Smoothieboards? For switching between two or more boards, a Python workflow engine could be integrated.

Thanks in advance.


Have you read external-stepper-driver portion of the guide? It would be easier if you said what you don't understand about hooking up the external drivers. You'd hook them up externally as mentioned in the guide and slave one to the other, which is talked about in the guide under: doubling-stepper-motor-drivers

Re: doubling stepper drivers by SWCNTSWCNT, 10 Oct 2018 00:13

I'm assuming you are talking about enclosing the PS+Smoothieboard safely, and not just the PS. There's no standard way in terms of a one-box solution you can just buy. Some people print cases or parts of a case (look at Thingiverse for ideas), other people modify junction/enclosure boxes, and some probably just leave it exposed. The power supply should have a terminal block on the back and you use spade or ring terminals to connect the wires. Have you looked at the Mains power input portion of the guide?

Re: Power supply safety by SWCNTSWCNT, 08 Oct 2018 21:49
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