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arthurwolfarthurwolf 29 Apr 2017 08:14
in discussion Smoothie Firmware / General » Searches

We had to disable that function temporarily when we migrated the wiki.

You can instead use google, simply search " the thing you want to search"

Re: Searches by arthurwolfarthurwolf, 29 Apr 2017 08:14
Re: Searches
FheralFheral 29 Apr 2017 03:43
in discussion Smoothie Firmware / General » Searches

I tried a lot, could not find one !!

Re: Searches by FheralFheral, 29 Apr 2017 03:43
762x51762x51 29 Apr 2017 01:18
in discussion Smoothie Firmware / General » Searches

Is there a way to search the forum?

Searches by 762x51762x51, 29 Apr 2017 01:18

Good Morning

The documentation shows 3 options to provide 5V to the smoothieboard.

- By plugging a USB cable in, USB cables provide 5V : So far have been using this one.
- By soldering a voltageregulator to the board ( and providing 12+24V, which the voltage regulator then turns into 5V ) : Not very confident on my soldering skills for this one yet, maybe for the future.
- By providing 5V directly to the 5V power input ( next to the VBB power input ) : Seems to be the best option for me right now.

I got an ZIUMIER DC to DC Step Down Converter Buck Converter,12V-24V to 5V 3A Voltage Reducer Regulator Power Transformer Module and powered it from my 24v power supply. Used a multi meter to confirm the output, steady 5.08V and 3.25A.

Just want to confirm if is ok to connect that to the board. not sure if will be too much current. Could not find any information if there is a limit on the current provided to the board. I have really basic skills on electronics, so please forgive me if the question is too basic.

Thank You

Can you try using the very latest config file example from github, and modify nothing except enabling endstops and setting the pin ?

Then if that works, enable/configure one thing at a time and test it before moving to the next.

Yes, same results with that config, as soon as we set alpha_min_endstop to 1.24^! it fails in the same way.

Can you post your config, but using the normal syntax ( not the 6-axis syntax, which you shoudn't be using ) ?

I miss these little tidbits of important information more often than I'd like to admit.

Crash is definitely expected ( documentation mentions it ), reloading/loading the interface while the machine is running simply isn't supported, just make sure you don't do it.

I've had a few instances where my Azteeg X5 Mini crashes when I access it with the WebUI. This is only while it's printing, not when it's idle. Obviously, the intelligent thing to do is not access it with the WebUI while it's printing, but I'm wondering if the crash is expected?

We have tried everyhing, and have narrowed it down to the lines and As soon as we set those lines in the config, the board refuses to boot and gets stuck with LED 1 and 4 lit, 2 and 3 dark, signalling a "firmware error" according to the docs. It is not a firmware error however, since the board works fine without the endstop config. We have also tried both new and old config syntax, assigning to different pins, commenting out other modules in case of a memory problem, but no luck…
We are using the CNC firmware usually, but we have tried both flavours.

The smoothieboard is a v1.0, used to drive a large (1600x3000mm) 100W chinese laser cutter, and is doing a great job so far, but we need some fixes available in the latest firmware to be "production ready".

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

This is our config file:

Good Afternoon, just trying to wrap my head around panels options for the Smoothieboard for 3D Printer. I am trying to avoid the MKS TFT since it's history with the community, however they do seem to be the best option available currently.

Digging through the forum I could notice some initiatives for a better panel for Smoothieboard, however I could not find any real details about it or availability.

We currently have these options available, however I would really like to have a panel where it is touch screen and with beautiful or customization UI.

ReprapDiscount GLCD - Really basic and restricts you from using SPI thermocouples.
Universal Panel Adapter - Bulky and needs an Arduino as interface.
Viki2 and Miniviki2, from panucatt - Seems to be the best looking option from this list, but lacking documentation and limited functions on 5 Driver Smoothies.
SSD1306 based OLED displays - These really don't look good.

PanelDue seems to be an amazing option, but looks like it is not supported by Smoothieware yet.

I am leaning towards the Viki2, even with the cons listed above, however not going there 100% happy. Does anyone knows about a better display (Looks good, Touch screen and with built in SD card, maybe even an USB ?). Its kind of a shame to try to build awesome machines with all this great electronics but bound to these display options.

Appreciate it, thanks guys !

I was surprised when I noticed that Smoothie didn't have extruder pressure advance. Every other firmware has this, although I wasn't all that successful with getting it working reliably in Repetier.

I've got some code that's working for me in Smoothie, and was wondering if anyone else would like to try it out. I'd like to see your results :)

Currently this only works when segments are enabled, so Delta users would be preferred, but I think that it can work for cartesians as well if you turn on segments.

That's great news. Thanks for the reassurance :)

Re: Website errors by baylf2000baylf2000, 26 Apr 2017 01:07

They are un-used digipot pins from the second digipot. Not very useful.

Thanks. I read the joystick documentation, I'll look at the switch docs. One more question, what are the POT6-7-8 points used for? I don't see these on the pinout listings any where.

We have this but it's not released yet :

Also, you can map buttons to specific buttons using and people have used that to do what you want.

Hey guys. Total newby I'm afraid to the stepper motor biz. I know a fair bit of electronics, but can't find an answer to this issue. I've seen where someone used an arduino, a motor driver, and a joystick or pushbuttons or something similar. Is that possible with the smoothie board? Otherwise I may have to tuck the smoothie on the shelf and buy the arduino. I've looked through the forum but haven't found an answer. Any ideas? Thanks.


A few months back we moved wiki hosts, and that caused a lot of small problems, and we are still working on fixing them.
This is just a minor technical problem.

The project is still extremely actively developed.


Re: Website errors by arthurwolfarthurwolf, 25 Apr 2017 12:34

I've been doing some research regarding my requirement for a bunch of controller boards for 3D printers in the near future. I've used a Smoothieboard before a couple of years ago for a CNC machine, so of course I came to to see if I could find what I needed.

Unfortunately there seems to be many areas of the website that are faulty, and this really worries me.

Is this project dead? Is there still active development going on? Is anyone maintaining everything?

I know I can still buy the boards easily enough, but I don't want to spend a couple of thousand US dollars if the project is on the download slope to oblivion.

I hope I'm wrong. I do love the Smoothieboards.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Website errors by baylf2000baylf2000, 25 Apr 2017 11:15
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