Question : 

« What do the green LEDs say ? »

There is a series of LEDs on your board, near the center.

They are labelled VBB ( red ), 3.3V ( orange ), and 1 2 3 and 4 ( all green ).

We are still only interrested in the green LEDs.

Different behavior can represent different situations and problems for the board :

Normal pattern

If your LEDs do this :


Then the firmware is running, and the LEDs are displaying correct behavior.

Click on Normal pattern

SD card problem

If your LEDs do this :


Then the firmware is running, but the board encountered a problem reading or accessing the SD card, or the configuration file on the SD card.

Click on SD Card problem

Firmware crash

If your LEDs do this :


Or this :


Then the firmware is not running.

Click on Firmware crash

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